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Sore KalOnline - Server Features

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Sore KalOnline - features

regular server information:

-Experience rate : x80, Player experience gap depends on the Player Level.

-Droprate for Geons and stuff are well balanced

-Players can obtain Jewels by doin Daily Quests.

-2018 NEW UI Engine
- Shaman Class
- Mining System
- Repeatable Daily Quests in alot areas
- Refresh-Able Buffs
- Honor System
- Monster Blob
- New Aggro System
- Level Gap for the most possible ingame balancing
- New Comer Buffs
- All Skills include: Thirdjob Active and Passive, Mystery Skills, Nirvana
- Time Limited E-Mok
- E-Mok Boss System
- Real BOF With Effects & Half/Full Set Bonus
- Real Dragon Spirit Scrolls
- Real Qigong / Perforation Shots
- Real Demon Gong / Trigrams
- Real Time Mixing System
- Real Time Pimp System
- Real Time Imperial System
- Revival Blessing after player die
- Perfect Party System
- Egg Exp Stone and Event
- Blessing Of Asadal
- G41 Transformation And All Egg Skills
- All New International Buffs
- Battlefield 100 Versus 100
- 1 Versus 1 PVP
- 3 Versus 3 PVP
- Protecting Leader PvP System
- Last Man Standing PvP System
- Instance Dungeon
- F10 System with an new Dropsystem and Afkchecks (Drops to Random players in the Company after Boss die!)
- Happy Hour
- Custom pet upgrade system with healing and Picking pets
- Event Manager for Experience Event
- Monster Summoning Scrolls
- Custom damage Events
- Immortal Event
- Mission Scrolls