Donation List

100 Donation Coins: €10.00

200 Donation Coins:€20.00

300 Donation Coins:€30.00

400 Donation Coins: €40.00

550 Donation Coins: €50.00

1300 Donation Coins: €100.00

Donation Paypal Email:

NOTE: Recive Donation Coins can take up to 24 Hours after Purchase!

Donate Rules:

-You agree, that Credits are voluntary transfers of virtual assets from private individuals.

-You agree, that by making a donation you are not buying any product or service.

-To show our appreciation we reward donators with Credits in return for their support.

-You agree, that all transactions made are final and will not be refunded in any way.

-You agree, that virtual assets such as player items will not be restored if lost or stolen.

-Donation is an OPTIONAL activity. We provide a free service and no one is required or forced to. However visitors/players can decide to give a support by donating.

-The donations are used to keep the server up and running, as well as improving our network.